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Travertine Pavers

Travertine is neither a marble or a limestone it is formed in or near hot springs from compressed debris of vegetation, insects and other items over hundreds of thousands of years. During formation air and water pass through the materials being compressed and some of the air is trapped. We see the air bubbles as open pores on the travertine pavers, when they arrive at the factory from the processing companies. The travertine pavers and tiles are often filled at the source but are also sold with open pores in the antiqued format. Travertine pavers are popular because of their field colour. The Cappuccino milky cream, light brown with swirling marks that match so well with modern colour schemes? Travertine is also available in red, yellow, brown and multi colour variations. It has been utilised for thousands of years as a base building material because it is easy to work with and is available in abundant supplies from many countries.

The Como Stone Co are not great promoters of travertine pavers but certainly see the application for cladding. Should the antique finish unfilled be selected we inform end users that the visible pores may well get larger over time as they are exposed to more and more traffic.

We offer a number of alternatives which are solid stone & equally as attractive, call for more information 1300 34 44 75