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Landscaping Stone

Pavers, Landscaping Stone, Flagstones.

Landscaping stone pavers incorporated into exterior design always increases the value of a project. Paved terraces, alfresco and entertainment areas are easily maintained, very stylish and the longevity of installation insures that your investment will show a return. Travertine is a very popular stone and there are many alternatives available from the range offered by Como Stone.

Outdoor living areas are proving more popular than ever which has impacted on the choice of materials available and being selected to enhance and beautify these areas. The stone industry has responded with creating many alternative and new finishes to stone pavers and tiles. We have also responded to market requests for larger format tiles and pavers. Smaller formats are often referred to as stone cobbles and we go through the range of medium size tiles and pavers before arriving at flagstones. Some projects require non-slip properties for security, such as swimming pool surrounds whilst other designs demand a contemporary super modern minimalist style and want the two areas to show a smooth almost invisible transition point, blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoor living. These specifications and project requirements can be satisfied by Como Stone who offer an unbeatable range of materials in a variety of formats with a selection of optional alternative finishes at your disposal. Importing stone from the four corners of the earth we are sure you will not be disappointed in using our knowledge, experience and tapping in to our extensive network.

So if it is landscaping stone, internal floors or stone cladding you require Tel:1300 34 44 75 to discuss your project.