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Stone Pavers and Cladding in Stock

Stone Pavers & Tiles In Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite.

Stone pavers and Cladding in Stock!! The stone stock yard is is filling up to satisfy client specifications and requirements, placing us in an attractive position for new orders coming in from Architects, Builders, Landscape Design companies and private clients. We are now holding in excess of 2500 square meters of stone pavers, stone tiles and wall cladding alternatives. We fabricate the special pieces required in house which insures you have everything required in the shortest possible timescales. We can also supply all the adhesives, grouts and chemical sealing products required and either complete or advise on the installation. Our materials are suitable for both interior and outdoor installation. Changing the surface finish of any selected stone can help seamlessly blend the internal living areas with the outdoor alfresco entertaining areas which is so often requested in modern architecture.

Call with your project details and to discuss solutions available from the huge range of stone stock that we have on hand. T:1300 34 44 75 With a wide choice of finishes and formats available we are confident that we will have something from our unbeatable range of pavers, tiles and decorative items to satisfy your requirements.

Romenay stone tile paverSorrento LimestoneSt Amour stone paver Jerusalem Cream honed