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Natural Stone Geometric Mosaics

Over the years we have received many requests for various stone items including natural stone geometric mosaics, decorative sheets and border patterns for cladding and paving projects. The mosaics we supply are all in natural stone mounted on interlocking sheets which are 300×300 mm. The mosaics are great for border detail work or a feature wall and are often used to facilitate the falls on a shower tray to the waste. It avoids cutting and reduces the visibility of grout lines. We stock the faster moving lines and have access to a huge selection of alternative designs so colour and format are not a restriction.

Clients have requested stone mosaic Geometric designs which is something new for us at The Como Stone Co.  Here are a few models our design team managed to arrange for production of with one of our suppliers. Photos to follow of completed projects. We are pleased to add this to our range of luxury natural stone and can work with designers or architects and clients to produce your own bespoke masterpiece. Prices start at $280 per square meter.

The use of small pieces of stone to create a three dimensional pattern is very labour intensive. The quality control necessary on the tone and shade variation of the selected or specified stone to create a harmonious blend is paramount. With a long standing relationships with a quality supply chain you can feel confident that your expectations will be fully satisfied. Call 1300 344475 to discuss your project requirements.

stone mosaic geometric sheet stone mosaic geometric dimensional-multicolor stone mosaic geometric pattern