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Stone Cleaning, Maintenance


The Como Stone Co proposes within all quotations the products required to seal and maintain all the natural stones we supply. We are firm believers that after investment in natural stone the right products should be used to retain the stunning finish achieved after installation. Whilst all stones supplied in either slab, dimensional or tile format are millions of years old the exposed face has only been open for a very short period of time, this needs to be treated and protected from the aggressive products used in daily life and accidental spillages that occur in all environments and require stone cleaning. Our preferred supplier for cleaning, sealing, treating and protecting is Lantania of Italy.

Stain Removal Guide

All natural stone is permeable allowing liquids to enter into the surface which can sometimes stain the stone. All natural stone requires treatment after installation to protect the material from accidental spillages and aggressive cleaning products we use in our daily lives such as body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, tea, coffee or materials that we collect on the base of our shoes such as dirt, leaves, grass. Below we have detailed a number of remedies available for the materials that may cause stains. Many cleaning products are classified as hazardous and we advise that people undertaking the task use gloves and protective glasses. It is advisable to consult a professional concerning the correct mixture quantities required when using these products. Keep the products out of the reach of children and do not eat or smoke whilst handling the materials.

Material                                            Remedy

Tea or Coffee                                 Hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water
Shoe Polish                                    Petrol on cotton wool.
Colorants or Dyes                         Bleach diluted with water
Jam                                                  Hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water
Ink, pencil                                       Disinfectant diluted with water
Fruit                                                 Acetone
Oil, grease                                      Petrol on cotton wool
Hairspray                                       Acetone
Acrylic paint                                   Bleach diluted with water
Oil paint                                          Trichloroethylene.
Rust                                                 Solution of Oxalic acid in methylated spirit
Blood, grass                                   Ammonia
Wine                                                Disinfectant or bleach diluted in water.
Urine                                               Solution of potassium bromide (Hazardous)