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Mission Statement

The Como Stone Co mission statement outlines our aspiration, goals and responsibilities. Our aims include becoming the supplier of choice for first quality natural stone products to architectural, construction and landscaping projects increasing the use, access and visibility of natural stone in all its forms to clients whose objectives are to beautify and stylise the areas we live in and occupy. Using modern state of the art machinery and technology combined with a skilled and well trained valued work force who have a client focused approach of “can do”, we will select and supply the most Avant Garde desirable alternative finishes available for luxury natural stone products, alongside the historically, regularly demanded market favourites in paving, cladding & decorative solutions. Listening attentively to our clients and our well established longstanding supply chain we will be the trusted interface of international quarry and processing companies for the end user clients or their professional appointees in Europe.

Values and Beliefs
Corporate responsibility is very important and impacts the environment, community and team members of staff . Any business, to achieve a longevity has to manage both good and bad times, we have faced a number of challenges and consider these challenges as opportunities to better our business skills and learn from them, providing a better experience and service to our clients. The basic principles on which we have based our business are:

  • Respect for our customers, suppliers, employees and the community
  • Honesty and integrity in all that we do
  • Outstanding service to our customers with focused attitude to develop long-term relationships.
  • Supply materials and services on time and on budget.
  • Provide a safe and secure working environment to all employees.
  • Offer an innovative product range
  • Creativity and teamwork in the workplace
  • The team at The Como Stone Company Ltd are valued, knowledgeable, skilled and professional. We work as a family, with the associated ups and downs. We want team players to remain with us for the whole of their career and we offer training to widen skills and achieve personal goals. This in turn generates a productive positive environment where we receive financial benefit and achieve job satisfaction through generating and maintaining satisfied clients.