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Statuario Marble, Bookend Match

Statuario marble is quarried in Carrara, Italy. It is one of many very prestigious and stylish materials that put the Italian home of marble on the map. Prized for its pure white main field colour and heavy grey dark large veins, it has a crystalline surface that is easy to polish but very difficult to complete an invisible repair. Vein markings in marble are the impurities that have been compressed into the main blocks during the millions of years it takes to form. It is personal taste, some end users like the veins and markings others prefer minimal markings with purity of field colour.

This is a bathroom created for a female client who has been extremely clear and precise concerning her requirements and specification. One of our directors visited the stockyards in Carrara Italy to personally select the required slabs which when transported to our yard were cut and finished and installed to site. We produced a number of very special detailed pieces with the leftovers and waste from the slabs such as shelving, seating in the shower and coving (In Statuario!!!).

We have a huge selection of marbles available from quality quarry owning supply companies throughout the world. There is no limitation on colour and you can search your preferred colour or country of origin on our stone selector tool “Stone Gallery” from the top tabs. Marble tiles or slabs are stunning materials. Your investment in these materials to complete construction and renovation projects will increase the value and prestige of the areas they are specified for. Como Stone as a supply, fabrication and installation company can help with the selection and advise on the fitting and any special items that may be required to make a considerable difference to your project. We have the experience, machinery, skills and know-how to manage all areas of natural stone as stone tiles, slabs, pavers and bespoke items.