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Quarry Visits

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Como Stone are a stone supplier who consider quarry visits as a very important part of our business it allows us to meet the employees of our suppliers and actually experience the procedures in place for cutting, processing, quality controlling and dispatching the materials we buy. The first area we visit is always the goods out section. We can then see the finished product allowing us to determine exactly what we can expect to receive as customers. Our overriding interest is to see first hand the condition of the machinery, the production facilities, the moral of the staff and the management team in place that we communicate with on a weekly basis. We will not support or work with companies that employ either child labour or have over cramped dangerous working conditions. On one of our recent visits to a quarry our director took a few shots of the stone in its raw state.
Being a stone supplier carries a number of social responsibilities that we take very seriously. This is or the well being of our business and the piece of mind of our clients and end users. You can feel confident that the stone pavers, paving tiles, flagstones or natural stone wall tiles that we have supplied you the end user will have been sourced from ecologically sound and responsible quarry owning source suppliers.

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