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Project management when choosing natural stone can save time, money and insure quality.

Natural stone adds value, prestige, style and quality to all projects. Selecting stone is a very good investment. Our knowledge, experience and the network of professionals we work with will insure your designs are achieved. Chosen as a construction & renovation material for thousands of years is a reflection on the durability, ease of maintenance and longevity of installation for natural stone. Using stone industry professionals to manage, monitor and report on your project will be of benefit.

Initial investigation through selection, ordering, installation and project completion, The Como Stone Company is the partner of choice.

Our expert knowledge and experience gained over the last 28 years enables us to provide access to materials and stone processing facilities that can realise the most challenging requirements. We can take you step by step through the processes necessary to achieve your design objectives.

As a consultant a major part of our responsibility is to understand your requirements and objectives and translate these into workable project plans. Brainstorming sessions for thoughts and ideas, explore options and highlight improvements where possible, whilst constantly keeping an eye on the bottom line. Using our services for Project management or consultancy we will professionally manage and constantly monitor costs, quality, timescales, scope of works, risks and benefits.

The Como Stone Co Ltd offer a transparent, detailed, structured approach to the services we offer. We formulate the project details and monitor progress moving forwards providing practical support which in turn will add value to the project and save you money.

When to get us involved & how to measure the benefits?

All projects have a timescale and need planning. Employing our services at the earliest stages will insure that stakeholders are properly represented and all options and alternatives are thoroughly investigated. Detailed project plans and their execution are the foundation for a successful development. Transparent communication insures that timescales, quality and scope of works are achieved within budget.

With experience in civil works, commercial works, top end residential and bespoke designs we are ready to discuss your projects and desires.

  1. Material identification.
  2. Material specification.
  3. Feasibility studies.
  4. Fit for use.
  5. Quantity surveying
  6. Site surveying.
  7. Logistical arrangements.
  8. Installation costing & programming
  9. Supervising installation.
  10. Sealing and onward maintenance.
  11. Dispute resolution.
  12. Production of special pieces
  13. 3D Digital templating service.