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Stone Pavers for Outdoor Living

Pavers or Stone Tiles.

Pavers for the exterior areas that we occupy and enjoy is a very good investment. Paved terraces and walkways add value style and quality to all projects. A swimming pool area with non-slip stone makes the area safer and more pleasurable to use, pool copings are functional and can be made to order or selected from the stock we carry. Alfresco dining and entertaining areas with stone tables, bench tops and paving is always a delight and display how valued the outside living lifestyle is in Australia.

You will not be disappointed when you speak with Como Stone concerning your renovation or construction project requirements. We have a huge range of pavers for outdoor living areas and also internal stone tiles for either flooring or cladding. We acknowledge the difficulties in choosing the right material with the right finish to compliment the overall design. It will be a decision and investment for the next fifteen to twenty years because clients do not change their stone floors very often. Feel assured that with more than 27 years experience in the natural stone market we have the materials, knowledge and know how to satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s clients.

We import and distribute materials from Europe, Africa, India, Asia and the Americas plus we have access to quarry and fabrication companies based in our home market of Australia.