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Outdoor Stone Tile Pavers

St Amour stone tile pavers are available from stock in sizes 60x30x2cm 60x60x2cm & 60x40x2cm. This stone is suitable for internal flooring, exterior paving or wall cladding. It is extremely popular as an alternative to Travertine because it has a similar field colour and light markings on the face of crystals and ammonites. Modern & contemporary in the honed finish with square cut edges, as in the photos below. Also available in the bushammerd and brushed finish which has anti-slip properties and displays the warm character of this stone. The light field colour is great in bright sunshine and non-reflective. The pale base of this paver also insures that it does not get too hot underfoot like many alternatives, so you can relax by the side of the swimming pool. This stone is also very popular in the antique finish, with slightly rounded edge detail and a creamy grey field colour. We can supply the ST Amour in large format size of 900x600x200 if required.
The exterior paver solutions with stone tile pavers offered by Como Stone Co can be combined with an alternative finish in the same stone to satisfy the inside – outdoor living design requested by many clients to increase the living space of the modern home.

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