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Natural Stone Staircases

Stone offers the opportunity to complete project works once, with minimal onward maintenance. Natural stone staircases, paving, stone skirting are selected and installed and then only occasional cleaned or maintained. Wooden decks require “feeding” every few years, wooden skirting or staircases require painting and touching up. Stone is a natural material which nearly always improves with age, ¬†upto a certain point. So the Colosseum could do with a bit of TLC, it has been in situ for in excess of 2100 years! Natural stone may appear an expensive solution but calculated over a 10 or 15 year term it will always win over the alternatives.

Natural stone staircases are a stunning addition to any property. We can manufacture staircases in stone to a choice of thickness for either internal or external installation with the selected edge detail the client requires. The natural stone staircases we fabricate and supply are from the same batch of stone selected for the flooring. We purchase slabs from the same batch of blocks that the factories manufacture tiles ensuring a minimum of tone and shade variation.

In depth discussions at the initial stages of any project allow the Como Stone Co to offer more than 27 years experience, knowledge and know how which will impact on the completed works. For us stone is a passion. Call to discuss your project and requirements.