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Limestone Pool Coping

So you are getting a pool or renovating an older one? Limestone pool coping can finish things off majestically. Stone coping is stylish and cool. It will add value and quality. We offer pool copings in a selection of materials, finishes and sizes. The edge detail can be made to match the design style of your project, square cut and honed for the contemporary, antique plus bull nose for the traditional and a variety of options between. The copings are standard in 3 cm but other thicknesses can be ordered too. Internal and external angles are made in house, so any delay is minimal. As you sit on the side of your pool, legs dangling in the water, you launch yourself and confidently know that no snagging of your swim suit/bikini has occurred because of the textured coping. Ruin a bikini or get your legs scratched across the back from concrete pavers and the day will not be quite as bright! Most limestone pool coping is light in colour because it reflects the sun, not getting too hot to sit on. It is not affected by the chemicals in the pool and will look great for years to come. Do it once, do it right, use stone.
The feature picture shows the Cathedral limestone pool coping with our Bastille paving stone adding class and style to this outdoor project. We hold stock of many sizes and can supply in the larger flagstone style. Call Como Stone Co to discuss your project Tel 07492 0800 82