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Italian Marble Bathroom

The style and luxury of an Italian marble bathroom is within your reach through Como Stone. We have a wide selection of stone slabs and stone tiles that could complete your project and make it so individual. We are not only limited to Italian marble and have suppliers from all four corners of the globe.
At some point during its formation limestone has been exposed to an immense heat from the core of the earth. This heat crystallises the surface of the stone and it is changed from limestone to marble. It is not a process that occurs over a weekend! It is a process that occurs over hundreds of thousands of years.
All marbles are distinctive due to their veins or field colours and then banding colours which reflect the depth from which the blocks have been quarried. A huge selection is available without limitation on colour and we can offer a number of finishes to compliment the design of your project. Marble has been the choice of finishing material on projects for thousands of years. This displays the durability and prestige that are some of the most appealing qualities of this material.   Call 07492 0800 82 to discuss your plans.