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Floors in Stone

Floors in stone have always been in fashion. They are easy to maintain, they are very hard wearing and as they get older the natural patina improves their looks. We offer natural stone in all its forms, marble, granite, limestone and travertine. Our wide selection is available as stone tiles, stone pavers, cobbles and flagstones for internal or external floor and wall installation. You are not limited by colour, finish or size and we can often tailor to your requirements. No two pieces of stone are the same so clients have something truly unique for their project. Browse our gallery section for inspiration to find out what works for you. Discuss with us your desires and style, let us guide you through the selection process and we’ll explain the differences and details, the options and the solutions. With over twenty seven years supplying and installing stone we’ve completed a lot of works and we are pleased to share our knowledge and experience. At Como Stone it’s more than a job, stone is our passion. Tel 1300 344475 to discuss your project. We offer a no obligation quotation and measuring service which will allow you to budget accordingly. Floors in stone don’t have to be madly expensive and weighed up against the alternatives you may be pleasantly surprised.