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Driveway Paving Stone

Driveway paving stone is available in a wide selection of colours and finishes to compliment the design style of your project. What better way to make your property or commercial project stand out, the entrance is the beginning of the statement. Almost any natural stone can be used for driveway paving stone but that’s not to say they are all suitable. Darker tones and colours are preferred, this is because of the bitumen released by tyres on the vehicles, especially in the summer or markings left as cars, trucks or lorries complete maneuvers and turns. After colour the second option is size. Smaller cobbles support weight much better and are far less likely to crack or break. The subframe is extremely important and should be specified prior to choosing your driveway stone. Driveway paving stone can be installed either directly onto sand as interlocking “block paving” or alternatively as individual stones set in sand and cement. The sand and cement option will allow jointing lines, as displayed in the picture. You have options and we have experience, knowledge and a wide range of stone tiles and outdoor stone products to compliment any construction project, so if you require paving, driveway stone, stone cladding or bespoke items in natural stone Tel: 07492 0800 82 to discuss your requirements.