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Como Social Media

Social Media is of huge importance nowadays and we understand this, resulting in accounts with Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We only recently commissioned a dedicated Facebook page and the results have been outstanding. In the first week we managed to generate in excess of 165 likes for the products and materials we have displayed. Please take a look

You can also find us on which has photos of our recent contracts and links into the groups that interest us and the market we work in. It is of great to be listed with Google+. This has resulted in The Como Stone Co getting listed on the Google+ local business directory search too, which we are confident will increase visibility for Como Stone, leading to additional business enquiries.

Social media allows direct interaction with individuals and companies involved with or researching the stone industry and we welcome comments, questions and observations. It gives us a direct communication route with clients, prospects and end users reflecting market trends, like and dislikes. It all helps to keep ahead of the competition 😉 We don’t mind if they read our posts, see the materials that are moving and proving popular.